Black Belt Discipline

——Black Belt Discipline—-

The cards are stacked against this upcoming generation when it comes to understanding the RESULTS of hard work, patience, and boringly consistent disciplined effort in their jobs, relationships, finances, diets, studies – in most everything they do in life.

It’s not their fault. They have grown up in a society of instant gratification. Tricks, hacks, shortcuts and unrealistic expectations.

Earning a Blackbelt is the opposite of instant gratification. There are no hacks, or shortcuts. There is no “participation” blackbelt. You must train and practice each and every day to earn it. A blackbelt is in it for the long haul, not the short term. Surround yourself with blackbelts.

LOOK, THINK, ACT, and SOUND like a blackbelt and eventually you too will become a Blackbelt.

-Jeremy Molley
Active Martial Arts

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