Managing your Child’s Back to School Anxiety

—-Back to School Anxiety—-

The emotional stress from the fear of making new friends, meeting new teachers, fears of being bullied, the pressure of making good grades, and worries of being unpopular are real and very common even with the most well-adjusted kids.

What can you do as a parent to help them manage all this?

#1 8-10 Hours of Sleep
#2 Eat the right foods
#3 Exercise
#4 Love and Listen

1. The right amount of sleep = FOCUS, and ENERGY for social disputes, and concentrating on school work. It also means a better immune system!

Establish a non negotiable set bedtime and wake time for the weekdays, a pre-bed time routine that limits the negative affects on their sleep. NO screens, no physical activities, no food an hour prior to bed. A calm down bed routine- bath, PJ’s reading, etc..

2. Eat the right foods – Get rid of all junk food, create a healthy menu, lead by example. Kids don’t listen to what you say, they follow what you DO.

3. Physical exercise helps relieve stress, releases endorphins that reduce depression, strengthen immune systems, and the list of benefits go on and on. Martial Arts classes are great for this! Make sure every day includes 20-30 minutes of exercise!

4. Show your children you love them, and LISTEN to them. Dedicate a portion of your daily routine to asking about their day and just LISTENING. Find positive role models and mentors for them. Build their Self Esteem by celebrating their accomplishments!

Remember: We are NOT our children’s FRIEND, we are their PARENT! They are looking to US to set the example and teach them right from wrong.

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